Makita Router Speed Holder

I’ve experienced the same problem as others where the speed of the Makita router will change if you get any vibrations when cutting hard material. I used tape to hold the speed dial in place for a while and then decided to make a lever to hold the speed dial in place.

The base snaps onto the top of the router and then a spring from a ball point pen keeps pressure on the arm.


The easiest fix I’ve seen is a piece of blue painters tape :smiley:

My solution is a piece of foam glued to the router top cover. It provides enough friction, so the dial does not move due to vibration.


That’s awesome! Do you offer this for sale? Not just plans but for this of us that don’t have a printer?

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You can also check out the Speed Stop also made by a 1F owner and forum member. Here’s the post:

I have had it on my Makita since day 1 and haven’t had any speed dial creep issues.

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I could make them available for sale. Price would be $5 plus shipping. Since they are small and will fit in an envelope I’m guessing the shipping would be under $3. I would include the 8-32 machine screw. You would need to find your own spring from a ball point pen. I don’t have an Etsy account or anything like that so orders would just have to be through the forum and payment using PayPal. Not sure if that is allowed on the forum. Wouldn’t want to clog up the forum with order requests. But perhaps getting private messages through the forum would work. Again, not sure if that is allowed.


That’s a good fix and an easy print…but I have already fixed mine. I took the cover off and drilled a 5/64 or 0.078 hole in the cover above the speed dial and then the same size hole in the speed dial where each number is and between the numbers a put holes spaced out 2mm and then took a small picture frame nail clipped off the tip and used the nail to hold it in place where I want the speed.


@RexH cool solution.

Anyone tried this solution: Makita Router Speed Switch Stop by JimAlex - Thingiverse

That’s similar to Kyle’s (@Kanova802 ) solution I linked to a few posts above. The bit that locks into the dial isn’t as obtrusive on Kyle’s though - they won’t catch on something or potentially break off.

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@MikePel - I too am curious how Jim Alex’s solution works.

When I was helping my 14yo son work through the design and Beta testing of the Speed Stop, he initially wanted to 3d print them. I mentioned to him that it would be more robust to use a solid piece of plastic with subtractive manufacturing on the 1F and mill them as apposed to using a FFF additive manufacturing process which could have weakness between layers and potentially break of on the small tabs which engage the dial. Plus printing small details like the tabs can be quite finnicky.


@RexH - I like your idea and approach on how to solve the issue with the speed dials on these trim routers. My son and I can appreciate the thought process and design time which went into coming up with it. I like how it could be removed and used again on a new router when the old one wears out.

Good luck with your idea and most importantly, have fun doing it!


Thanks Kyle! I enjoy designing and making things. Wasn’t really looking to market it. Just wanted to share my idea. But willing to print a few for people who don’t have a 3D printer if it doesn’t get out of hand. Also willing to share my CAD files for anyone who wants to print some for themselves. Guess I should post them on Thingiverse.


Rex, thank you! I’ll PM you.

If it does, just give me a shout. I can print up some too (SLA resin printer). I do that for another forum I’m part of for a plasma part. No big deal letting the printer hum away in the background and resin’s pretty cheap. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wish I had ordered an extra of yours though… :sweat_smile:


How do I get to PM messages? I’m new to the forum an don’t know my way around very well yet?


Top right, under your avatar,


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I’m not seeing anything. My configuration must be different.

suprak, I found it. thanks!