Manually set an x and y location and create a 2nd home

Go to settings and change units to imperial.

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If you hit estop it loses its work coordinate? That’s insanely unhelpful lol

E stop not just stop. Emergency stop should only be used in… Well… Emergencies… Stop saves home and zero positions

Just odd, been running cnc machines for a long time, never heard of this

Normally if the e-stop has been triggered the condition that has occurred has caused a situation where none of those values can be trusted - bent or broken tool, lost steps, machine moving out of bounds somehow, axis not moving etc so you would want to invalidate those values.

To simply stop or pause the running program then you’d use the stop or pause buttons which can be resumed.

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I’m familiar with how it works just never heard of a machine losing position over an e stop

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So if a condition occurs that shifts the X axis by .030" due to crashing the bit, you would want the machine to resume with a .030" deviation? It seems to make more sense to re probe your work offset and resume.

I agree. This is really annoying.

I bought the touch probe not knowing if I would use it but it’s been super helpful for stuff like this. Makes zeroing super easy and I think significantly more accurate that I can do myself. And if I lose the zero for whatever reason it’s easy to redo it.

I’m also using mini spoilboards like this attached to my wasteboard with dowel pins. It was a lot of work to get it all figured out. But I am machining a 90 degree corner in them, and that’s what I’m putting the touch probe on. So far it works great.

That’s what I’m going to do, on any precise work for sure. Probe should be in today.

I run cnc for a living i very rarely crash

Lol yeah if you move the workpiece you might want to re zero the part!!

As @Hermsen.BJ said, the e-stop is for emergencies, if you’re using it for things other than crashing the bit or hitting an axis limit etc - then you’re probably using it wrong.


Nobody is using it wrong I’m just trying to get to know the basics of this machine

I still have not ran any programs, just taking my time getting this cool machine ready to go, and taking my time to get to know the controls. I run Haas, Mori Seike, Mazak and other cnc lathes and mills every day, but any time you start with a new machine you have to do your homework to avoid the obvious

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