Masso G3 ATC build update - new Z axis assembly aluminum support plates

I needed to get more cast aluminum for the spindle attachment plate, so while waiting to make the trip I finished the top and bottom support plates for my assembly.

The new assembly is very heavy - even without my ATC spindle attached - and I want more than the 4 available M5 screws holding it up. The top plate is designed to attach to the top of my X50 3rd rail (using the 2 M6 threaded holes), and the bottom plate to the underside of the lower X axis block (using the 4 M5 threaded grub screw holes).

The video description has a chapter list of the various parts of the video, but unfortunately you need 1000+ subscribers for that feature to be functional - not there yet :smile:

Here is the You Tube video link for those interested in this project …