Masso G3 ATC build update - New Z assembly finished and installed

This is the third and final post covering my journey in creating a new Z axis assembly for my Onefinity X50 Woodworker.

Rather than a very long forum post, I decided to create video slideshow that you can follow along with. It is divided into 3 main parts:

  1. Overview - goals, design, and components
  2. Installation - the linear motion components in the assembly, and the assembly onto the X axis gantry (including some new add-ons)
  3. Evaluation - deflection/rigidity data of the new assembly, and comparison to the Z20

Note: I also added a section sharing some of the addons/accessories I am experimenting with, such as a dry run laser, endoscope camera, and a few new chip management designs.

I uploaded the new video to my YT channel, here is the link -

For those of you who want the short version…

The new Z axis assembly had a significant impact on rigidity, in particular when measured at the endmill.

Simplifying my results, there was a roughly 2X rigidity increase in the X axis direction, and a roughly 2-4X rigidity increase in the Y direction when comparing the two Z assemblies.

Rigidity is now ~ 1N/um.


Now you have room for a ATC dust boot that you can automate.
I realize that this is a consideration for woodworker’s.
You have done a spectacular job on this setup. Love it.

Thank you, I have enjoyed the brain work and machining throughout the project - just a few things I really enjoy about this hobby.

I am still undecided about the dust boot. For the aluminum work I mostly do (for now), I very much prefer chip ‘deflection/containment’ solutions. I am really liking the apron for example, and something that was easier to implement on the new Z axis. For the ATC, which always adds a bit of a (welcomed) challenge, there are so many ways to solve it.

I may try a docking solution, as I have not done much post processor work, and I think that would be a great skill to have in general. I also still like the Datron style of smaller dust shoe and hose. Now that the Z axis assembly is finished, it will be easier to design and test prototypes, as the structure is now set. It is definitely something I am looking forward to putting time into.

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I finally got the tool rack slide working properly. I appreciate your input from the Masso Forum to get to that goal.
I posted a video of that over on Pwncnc site. As always it just took a lot of experimentation to get that final result. But worth it.

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That is great news. We learn a lot through the experimentation phase!
Can you send a link - would enjoy seeing the video (one less forum to join :smile: )

Here you go…

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Not finished…are we ever finished…but I ran a rather complicated job, and I was happy to avoid all those manual tool changes

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Tnx - works well! The hard work was worth it.

what is the mechanism you built to extend the tool tray? Is there a link to the build details?