Masso G3 plugs on back

I have a new Elite Foreman. I am finalizing the assembly. Today I turned it on and every axis alarm was triggering. I could not figure it out for the life of me. I had the problem off an on for the past week on odball alarms going off. I finally moved the display and found the wires moving the plugs was causing the problem.

Is the only way to fix it to put some RTV around the plugs so they won’t move? I would hate to be in a job, move the display, and blow up the job.

I would hope there will be a kit to put computer like plugs on it that have two screws to secure the plug.

Also, I am confused why the Estop icon turns to flashing red for alarm and when you clear the alarms it keeps flashing red until I reboot the machine. Am I doing something wrong?