Elite axis problems (solved, loose motor wire connection)

Started up my Masso this morning, hit the e-Stop and then home. The gantry didn’t move in the “Y” direction and gave me an error. After some tinkering, I removed the cover from the right “Y” motor and found the connectors had come loose. Pushed then back into place and everything was fine.
Don’t know if it was loose from the factory or it just vibrated loose. If anyone else comes across this problem, check those connections.

My Z axis power cable clip came loose as well. Thankfully I was only doing trial runs on a test piece for feed and speed setup. Had X & Z alarms, couldn’t clear the Z so I powered off. Noticed no power to the Z and couldn’t clear e-stop alarm on Z. I took off the cover and saw that the red & black cable clip had come off. Put it back and everything was fine.