Elite Masso Pendant Estop Behavior

I was building a z axis counterbalance for the Journeyman, when I estopped the machine with the Pendant the z axis did not drop (2.2 KW water cooled spindle). However when I estopped with the touch panel e stop button, the spindle dropped. The pendant from Masso was installed by just plugging it into the port. No other changes were made.
I was wondering if anybody knows why the difference in the two estop behaviors.

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Hey Mrd,

and you are sure the estop of the pendant has an effect at all?

Usually the multiple estop buttons are all wired in series, so because they’re normally closed (NC), pressing any of them should have the same behaviour: Trigger estop.

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Ran a program and requested e stop from pendant, program stopped per request, no spindle drop.

Hey Mrd,

then it would be interesting to know to what this estop button on the pendant is wired. If it was wired the way Masso recommends in the document linked above, which is in series with the other estop buttons, a different behaviour would not occur.

Or if the other estop button, on the Touch panel case, is wired differently.

two wires into e stop.

Black one from toch screen button
Green one, no clue

green one originating cable connection

I really think this is an anamoly and not a solution since estop kills the power to the motors, it being triggered by the big red button or the pendant is only the mechanism for signal delivery. That is of course unless the pendant estop is a momentary switch where its only activated for the time you’re holding it instead of the twist lock on the masso unit. I don’t have a pendant at this time.

Pendant estop switch is twist lock. Program stops at moment its pushed, no spindle drop. Release the lock, and then i can resume jogging the axis.

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Hey Mrd,

I cannot deduce much from your wiring photos (except that two wire ferrules are crimped into one screw terminal which is not recommended).

I would try to ask this on the Masso Forum.

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Hey Chris,

Masso says here the estop outputs have to be wired in a way that the motors and actuators are stopped. The question is, is this implemented in Onefinity’s G3 Touch and how. I don’t know as I do not own a Masso and don’t plan to buy one.

Agree on the two wires, but reluctant to mess with what is working…

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I was just trying to point out that the masso unit is a twist lock, if the pendant was a momentary switch, that could explain why it wouldn’t drop (power is killed, then restored), but he already said it has similar twist lock.

I’m inclined to think it’s a fluke and a matter of chance that

Mine is wired up like that too though (but in estop 2) and the black wire goes to the big red button on top, the green wire goes down to A and all the motors, the cluster of wires goes to ground, power, and aforementioned estop

Interesting, my factory e-stop is also wired to e-stop pin 2 on the controller along with the motor(s) green wire.

@OnefinityCNC , can you confirm if there was a change in the e-stop wiring from pin 2 to pin 1?

It’s probably luck of the draw as it doesn’t matter which pin its tied to as long as f1 matches. It might have even come from masso like that

Not sure how you can say that as the two pins definitely have a difference in use as per https://docs.masso.com.au/wiring-and-setup/setup-and-calibration/e-stop

Good call. Thank you.
I had thought there was 2 estop inputs on f1, but as I’m looking at f1 i see that’s not the case.

Hey Mrd, hey all,

one thing is sure: If you have a possibility to stop the program but the Z slider does not drop and this is caused by the Z motor not loosing its idle current and its electromagnetic detent, this is a different mode than cutting the power to the Z motor completely.

Would be interesting to know what’s behind this different behaviour. Again, I would ask at the Masso Forum… :slight_smile:

I am going to go to the Masso Forum with this and see whats up.

In the meantime I have run mutiple programs with tool changes in different conditions and have yet to have the program fail to perform as expected. All estop calls from the two different estops have stopped the machine with no drop of the z axis. It appears the idle current is still in place,

This was from Masso Forum.