ESTOP Issues Masso

Hey All,
Running the masso, went to use machine this morning and estop button not registering. Watched the little video, disconnected and reconnected the switch, looks fine but not working. tried jumping the wires and also nothing. not sure if i need a new switch but does anyone have a fix or know of a way to bypass the estop on the masso temporarily so i can get this run done? thanks in advance

OK after some troubleshooting, I did figure out the problem, in case, any of you guys run into this one of the cables on the X axis motor inside the motor cover, came loose and did not have proper connection. Because that signal was not being transferred fully to the masso it would not allow the emergency stop button to work. So I guess if your estop button is not working properly a very quick visual check would be to make sure all the green lights on all four motors are actually green because if they are not lit up, the estop won’t function. New knowledge shared.

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Thank you for sharing this. Was it the enable (EN) wire that was loose?


Thanks for sharing your new knowledge…


Hey Tom, it was the black and red connection that came loose, just a second to push it back in. Only reason I figured it out was when I disconnected the estop wires in the masso it allowed me to move the machine and that axis wouldn’t move, indicator lights indicating problems, who would’ve thunk it?