Material thickness change

I set my material thickness to 1.375 when saving tool path to go to the shop to carve.
When i got to the shop i realized my slab was 1.625.
What to do?
Do i need to go and change tool path file or will probing Z to the 1.625 in the shop correct that difference?

If you have zero’d from top then cutting, for example, pockets, then you’re ok but contour cutting will not. If you zero’d from bottom then for example cutting contours may be ok (first cut will be overly deep) but cutting pockets won’t be ok.

I would generate new tool paths.


Ty new tool path is always safe.
I doing a v carve with 90 degree bit.
Always happens… find a piece of wood i like after i create file.

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Because you are now over thickness the CNC won’t care so long as you probe from the material surface. It only knows where zero is from that reference and works from there. You’ll just have the extra 1/4" of material below your carving.

Thank you.
That was the answer I was looking for and thought to be so along with the first reply.
When I name a file I add the material size: ex: 1.325x8x20.
Open to any other suggestions?