Missing Ball Nut?

I am just about to do some oiling and maintenance on my Journeyman.
I was shocked to see this ( pic 1 ) - missing a ball nut on one side?

Am I off my nut here - or is this an assembly mishap at the factory?

Should be only one - on one side.

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Makes sense, but why the screw holes?
Is there a protective cap missing there?

No, I believe it is just drilled both sides so the block can be used/assembled either way. I do not have a Journeyman, so I am not sure if the larger holes that accommodate the ball screw nut are different diameters on different sides, but I doubt it.

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The Journeyman has 4 screws on the right side where the ball nut it.
If you have a smaller machine, is it using 2 screws on the left?
Accommodating the various sizes with the same part I suppose.
Thanks for your reply.

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