Mothers Day Project - Chamfer vs. Contour cut order

I am making a set of coasters for Mothers day… and only have access to the shop for one day.
I have both the laser and CNC files ready.

The plan is to rip and sand boards to a specific size, laser engrave them and then contour cut and chamfer the the top edge with the Onefinity. I’m pretty confident in the workflow, but I have just one question:

Should I run the chamfer first and then the outer contour, or vice versa?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on workholding. Personally I’d go the traditional route with the chamfer last, but you have to ensure your coaster doesn’t move somehow.


I have doinked around with some coasters, and my .02 is as follows: If the outer contour is the same toolpath that cuts out the final shape, then I would do the chamfer first. Otherwise do the chamfer after. BTW, I always use the tape and CA glue method to hold my work down.

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Thank you, Nick and Bern for the advice!

I make and sell various coaster in oak ash and beech usually make them in batches of around 100 at a time
They are all either round or square with rounded corners on the square
I rip the wood about 10mm over size then thickness followed by drum sander to size
Cut out shape on the OF using Painters tape and CA glue usually in strips of 3 4 or 5 depending on the length of wood I have.
Once cut out I use a bearing bit to round over of chamfer on a home made router table ( a cheap router with a fixed base mounted under an old melamine kitchen door
I dont usually use a contour bit due to having to either change bit or remount the coaster
Random orbit sander to 320, coat of sanding sealer, hand denib to 400 wax and buff then on to the laser engraver either the OF with the Jtech or my stand alone engraver, with the stand alone i can engrave 4 at once with either the same or different engraving.
Most of the time I work on the next operation whist the previous one is running
I know that you will be doing a smaller number but hope that helps
The Boss (wife) has just sent me an email even though she is sat across the lounge from me with a list of 150 mixed square and round with various engravings that’s my work sorted for the next few days
Drop me a message if you want to ask anything about coaster production they are one of top sellers

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Hi Darren,

The router table is the tool I’m the least comfortable with… had a “close one” when I was 13 and since then I try and avoid it lol. :joy:

Thanks for all the advice, I’m still in high-school so I’d better get all of my personal projects out of the way before getting married.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will definitely ask if I have questions, thanks for offering and taking the time to write what you did!

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I would say use the router table for the chamfer too. That’s what I usually do.