Fusion 360 Tutorial for cutting a grid

I created this YouTube tutorial for a quick easy method for creating a toolpath to cut a grid.

As I made it I did think that perhaps a laser grid would have been better, however, if you have a split board with T track, then you will likely want to use this method.

It was actually pretty easy using Fusion, but remember to be careful setting the chamfer to a very small number below 0.5mm or it will cut a huge groove!

Hope this helps!


Thanks Lee - good stuff. I think if you set your keep down distance larger you might avoid the retract for each line. It would save a lot of milling time.


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Always good to get tips!

Thank you…

Hi Lee,

New to this so please bear with me. I have followed your tutorial and don’t have the chamfer option in 2D contour (maybe an up issue of the software since last year). I use 2D chamfer option instead.
After stock setting etc I chose my Tool from the library (60deg 1540 Whiteside). Seems like it doesn’t make a difference which width I chose it always comes up with an error that the width is too big for the selected tool.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hi buddy, its late here so im about to go to sleep but, if it says there is something wrong with the tool size then go into the tool bit settings and change the soze to match what you have, it might be that youre asking it to do a 70 when its a 90 degree chamfer, check all the tool settings and when you pick chamfer cut check the parameters match the tool settings. Also the chamfer depth is important, dont need to go deep at all, ill check in tomorrow to see how you got on,


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thank you for sharing and contributing Lee.

Hi Lee,

Apologies for the delay life keeps getting the way these days:D
I have checked the parameters against the bit and all seems to align, but still getting the same error. I also tried playing with the model bottom settings but no luck. this seems to be a very simple operation but surely something is not correct!

I have no idea why this is happening, but I do know it will likely be a setting or an incorrect option selected, When I get some time I will try and re do my version to see if I can find the setting, only problem is it wont be any time soon,

Did you ever figure this out?

I wonder if there’s a way to minimize tool travel. That cutting path is double the time spent moving to the same origin point for each line. I’m just learning Fusion 360 so don’t have an answer but wondering if someone with more experience can share. I’ll dig into myself and share if I figure it out.

I designed a grid but imported it from an adobe illustrator file and haven’t yet put machining as a step.