Wasteboard grid in Fusion 360

Hi all !
I am trying to create a wasteboard for my machinist (16’x16’) with a grid pattern on it with fusion 360 but… i gave up ! :))
I tried to find tutorials for it but they are kind of advanced for my level right now…

Can anyone direct me to a nice tutorial or an example file before i fall into the deep dark spiral of depression ! :))))

Thanks !

I am working through the CAM side of F360 right now. I have pretty good experience with the CAD side already. Maybe we can figure it out together!

How are you going about it right now? Do you have a model of your waste board with grooves?

This is the youtube video that i like the most till now ! which explains the paths and etc, I am following this video and try to recreate it for my file.

:expressionless: :laughing:

I have the wasteboard modeled with a pattern of the grid on top (basically a 16"x16" box with 3/4" thickness and a grid of 1" x1" on top)
From that i opened to the " Manufacture" page and Created a SetUp/Face (hopefully this will level the surface) and after that 3D/Project to follow the grid pattern i have over the box
I am now trying to understand the settings on Tools panel and the Heights panel … Its quite a challenge for someone who is using this for the first time …

Lars has the best tutorials on Fusion but they aren’t always 1:1 to a CNC router.

@cyberreefguru has a video where he talks about engraving which is I think the operation you want to cut the V-grooves.

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Thank you so much … Even though i have some experience with 3D softwares, i realize 3D to CNC pass is gonna take some trial and error :slight_smile: You can really feel that Fusion 360 is designed by some engineers! :rofl:

PS: i also broke the securing pin on the router :expressionless:
Do you think its ok to use it like this ?

Should be fine you will just have to use two wrenches to secure the collet. We do make mistakes I think I bent the shaft on my router, ordering another.

i have a Dewalt router and you just lock the pin by pushing the pin button and use one wrench to loosen the bit … that what i did with the makita … :)) ended up breaking the pin and cracking the metal casing… :expressionless: