My First Project!

I have been slow on the startup, trying to take baby steps as I get set up. I finally was ready for my first non spoilboard or slab flatening. I got myself a model and created 3 operations

  1. Rough cut
  2. Ball nose smoothing
  3. Outside contour.


  1. Wow, that ball nose can get you near finish sanding. I’m sure I can trade off speed later on but it impressed me
  2. When you are on the last operation, on your first project, and the screen tells you 16 seconds to complete a .75" deep plunge contour cut. Stop and think if that makes sense. Instead of, like me, proudly hitting go and stepping back to watch

I love it already, having a lot of fun. Hope you found a little joy in my first project and first OOPS.

This is a first prototype of a gift for my mother who once said “it would sure be neat if they made coasters that looked like buttons”.


Failure is just learning how to succeed! The next one will be perfect!


That’s a great idea for a coaster. You’ll be killing it in no time if you keep at it.

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Try #2 turned out better.


Hey rcmatz,

wow, a Post up them failures!

Here one can see once again, the software and the machine cannot do it by themselves, you still have to be an engineer who has to look after everything :slight_smile:

Poor little makita! :slight_smile: :wink:


  • Since excessive cutting may cause overload of the
    motor or difficulty in controlling the tool, the depth of
    cut should not be more than 3 mm (1/8") at a pass
    when cutting grooves. When you wish to cut grooves
    more than 3 mm (1/8") deep, make several passes
    with progressively deeper bit settings.

– Source. Makita RT0701C Instruction Manual


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