Must have router bits

Getting closer to my Woodworker X50 to ship @ Nov 14. To get started what are the must have router bits I’ll need for projects. I have purchased a waste board leveling bit already. Thanks ahead of time for the feedback and help.

I had the same question when I was waiting for my machine to arrive, and I had no idea what my “must haves” were going to be.

I decided to get a good general set for when I have some proficiency with the machine, and a less expensive set to acquire that proficiency.

For me; I bought the following:

High End (for when I am farther up the learning curve):

  Amana Tool AMS-177-K    - Eight bit CNC Router Bit Collection ($208 Amazon)

Low End (for when things are going less than perfect):

 SpeTools 8 bit carving set  ($87 Amazon)

While the Amana bits are not cheap; their set price seems to be a good value when compared to purching the bits individually.

I picked SpeTools based mostly on reading posts on this site from experienced users.

Are these the best decisions? I probably won’t know that answer for several months. But I figured I needed to start somewhere.


Thanks. I appreciate that. I figure I should probably start out less expensive on bits until I get a feel of what I need. Also would not want to ruin an expensive bit due to being inexperienced

A cheaper version of AMS-177-K is AMS-177-K-B.
The only difference is that one set comes in a wooden box vs cardboard.
About $16 cheaper :sweat_smile:

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I am waiting on my Journeyman, which probably won’t be here until new year.
So I’ve been working on designs in Fusion360 and simulating the actual cuts.
This helps me figure out how to a) do it efficiently b) get the visual result I want.

So I will end up buying bits based on this.

Also recommend you checkout Amana Catalog’s Kit Section for ideas.

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What!!! Oh good grief…you mean to tell me that I threw out a $16 box! I could have used the :moneybag: on more overpriced bits!

Live and learn :wink: