My first hybrid sign

My first signs with the jtech laser and of.


Please explain what the laser did. They look like stickers.

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I coverd the board with oramask and then used the laser to cut the outline of the picture. Then removed the mask from inside .painted the area with the orange paint , let it dry and then lasered the picture. After I carved the wording and the boarder. Finished the whole thing off with gloss polyurethane.


very nice. I just got some oramask i have not played with it yet. bought it to help prevent chipout. good to know i get to play with it with the laser :slight_smile:

Well done. Not familiar with oramask.

You can use blue painters tape also it works good also.just make sure you cut all the way through where the tape over laps so it doesn’t lift when you pull out the center .I did 2 passes on 100% to be sure