My G3 Touch Screen is not working?

I have finished the mechanical and electrical on my CNC Router. I am using a HY02D211 Spindle w/ 2kW motor; Axis: (3) Integrated 180W Servos on X,Y, B (salaved to Y) & (1) Integrated CL Stepper on Z. I am now interfacing the Masso G3 Touch CNC Controller to the CNC Router.

With the G3 Touch stripped down to ‘what is needed to start-up it up’, i.e., inside the G3 Touch case - 24VDC supply terminals w/ 1A FU, Simplified E-Stop String returns to ES2, Masso Relay Module (TTL Output ES to RLY 4, 5, 6: where #4 drops-out C1 in Main Elect Panel; #5 drops-out Spindle HY02D211 (D3 RST Input); #6 drops-out Axis Enable. The MPG is unplugged.

With G3 powered-on, Green LED is active, Red ALM LED not active, Engaged E-Stop drops out RLY (NC) 4, 5, 6 as designed. Start & Stop Buttons not validated, but wired to factory TTL Input 1 & 2 . . . touch screen does not work! If I ‘poke’ around lightly, the screen flickers monochrome once in a while. I have reseated the visible related connectors. No improvement. BTW I understand the Masso Start & Stop buttons can be programmed for many supported Input functions . . . I thought they were Start / Stop as in activating G3 functions. Also learned cycling E-Stop also resets G3.

So here I am asking for assistance and suggestions.



Looks like the touch screen is controlled by a USB port.

Opened mine up last night and was wondering where the second USB port went.

So check that.

Good Luck.

Update: I found the problem earlier. Took apart and reassembled. Works!

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