Masso touchscreen not accepting touches

I emailed support this morning but have not yet heard anything back so I thought I would try the forum.

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I turn on the Masso and press the emergency button, but afterwards when I try to double click the Home button nothing happens. The touchscreen seems dead as it is ignoring any touches. Tried it several times. Also, I made sure the connection cables were still connected.

I opened up the Masso to try a mouse in one of the 2 extra USB ports they have available. The mouse works fine.

This happened once yesterday but when I restarted the Masso it worked fine.

It sounds like a connection problem with the touch controller cable inside masso. I would check
what is called the ribbon cable coming out of the screen and make sure it is pushed all the way in.

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I checked the ribbon cable and it is fine. I also checked the USB to make sure it was plugged in okay. It is also fine.

Please create a ticket with Masso support:

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I contacted Masso. Here is their response, which did work:

The first thing to check is if you have anything else plugged into the MASSO USB ports. For example a faulty flash drive can hold up the USB bus and prevent the touch screen from working. Please unplug all USB devices except the touch screen and see if the touch screen works again. Unplug your mouse and any flashdrive you might have in the external USB port.

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This may sound funny but give it a try, nothing gained nothing lost. Wash your hands and try again. Or use a touch screen pen if it works your Masso screen is fine. I have the same problem with many touch screen devices.