My gallery of projects

Only had my machine for about a month. Still getting the hang of it… here’s some pics.

Set of end tables.

Some cutting boards

And a custom coaster holder for my bro in-law.


Beautiful nice
Are they laser and vcarve?

Thanks, they are just vcarved. 60* bit. I’m still learning but its very fun. Lol

I don’t know whether you really want to hear this or not… but the stars are flipped left to right.
It kinda looks like you may have had a dirty image trace and then swapped in crisp stars and got them facing the wrong way…
The bottom of the stars (with 2 points) should be facing the longer stripes and the top (one point) should be facing the Left side of the flag.

Like this.
Screenshot 2021-08-15 044309

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Thx didn’t notice that. I’ll swap them around on the next ones I do. :+1::+1:

Custom 38"x18" table board for my mother in-law. Maple, walnut and purple heart. With purple heart inlaid crosses and walnut inlaid mound under crosses.