What's on your table

What’s everyone working on today or this weekend? I am hoping to finish up some valet trays and ring trays for my daughter wedding attendants for that special day upcoming in January. Mine are not done on a Onefinity as I just placed my order yesterday. Each of the groomsmen trays will have a picture which the groom picked to associate with each and the ring trays for the bridesmaids will have their name carved in script.

What are you guys and gals working on? Show us your projects.


Awesome roadster, looks great Grant!

Thanks Alex, it took a little while to carve because I cut it with a .03125 end mill because I wanted the extra detail.

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WOW that is like carving with a hair… kudos for the patience. End result looks like it was worth the time. Hopefully you did a bit change to clear the main depth to save a bit of time.

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Yes, a .5" bowl bit so I could get the nice curved corners in the tray.

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Sharing some Veterans Day projects.


Very nice Ken, is the larger flag individual pieces glued together? I like the bevel between the stripes and your stars look really crisp and clean.

Correct. They are individual pieces, placed on a backer board.

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Really nice job Ken. Thank you for recognizing Veterans. Nice finishes on all of the pieces.

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Ken, I’m just getting started with my 1F but I have built flags from reclaimed pallets. What program are you using for the star field? Thanks!!!

I started with Easel then moved to VCarve Pro. Although VCarve is a small investment and has a learning curve I find it meets my needs.

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This is good to hear. I’ve been using Easel in its free form. Plan on VCarve Pro in a couple of weeks. Just started reviewing the Mark Lindsay videos in preparation. Any words of wisdom you could send my way?

Patience :slight_smile:. There is a learning curve and take the time to use the tutorials. One element I didn’t realize early is the use the array. I was making the alignment much harder than necessary!

Something on the table but it’s going to take a while :smiley:

What firmware? Wonder the impact of 1.0.6

Firmware is the core of the controllers processing, it is very important to always keep your firmware up to date as that is how OneFinity addresses critical fixes as well as feature enhancements.

Here is the latest update: Firmware Update 1.0.6 BETA (12/28/2020)


I am just starting and the programs I have run work just fine. If 1.0.6 is the one we should use why is it marked beta???

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1.0.6 a 12” x 18” but has tons of details.


If you do not feel comfortable running the BETA version of something then by all means wait, but you should at least update to 1.0.5. I’ve been running .6 since Alpha and have had no issues, on the contrary it fixes a few of the issues I was having with it skipping steps (which destroyed 2 carves 70% into them).

You do what works best for you, I just was trying to answer your question “what is firmware?” and then provide the link to the latest version, it was not a hey you must do this post, more of a way for you to explore what firmware is and read through the forum to expand your understanding.


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I am sorry if I offended you in any way. I just received my machine and it came with 1.0.5 installed. So I am using the latest production version. I was hoping you would indicate that 1.0.6 is going production in a day or so. If that were true I would use that version.


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