New Cuss Words Created

I created some new cuss words tonight trying to bend the brush and put it on the dust collection boot. Is that normal?

It is well fiddley. Pretty much follow the instructions, though.

That was my experience as well. When I got my Onefinity, I spent 1 hour setting it up, then 3 hours setting up the dust boot. LOL. It’s worth it though.

I found a very easy way to install the brush, I hope I can explain it.

Use a pliers. Turn your brush so the bristles go into the jaws of pliers and bring pressure just above the black stuff holding the bristles. Use this to put pressure on the brush to slide into the groove. It slides right in. Continue by repositioning the pliers on the bristles down the line and push into the groove. Do this all the way around the groove and you should be done in a few minutes.