Newbie, documenting work online

So I am relatively new to CNC work and have been carving out time (pun only partially intended) when and where I can to learn the trade. I’m not as advanced as I assume most on this forum are, but It is an inspiration to see all your work.

I started a YouTube channel documenting some of my work. Honestly, it is more than anything just a way to keep a digital journal of what stuff I am learning and making. Anyway, here is a quick video of my most recent build: CNC Sign - Blueberry Farm, Kentucky - YouTube

It is an outdoor sign made for some land in Kentucky:

Only thing that didn’t go as planned that the the words “Blueberry Farm” were supposed to have a 60 degree v-carve on the edges. I had a little hiccup there so it didn’t happen. Maybe next time.