Oil for Maintenance

Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3 in 1 oil to use to conduct the periodic maintenance that the owner’s manual mentions?

Hey Will… Here is what I use… Hope this helps. Talk soon…

3 in one oil


Thanks Mark! At some point it’d be great if Onefinity would make a video of doing this. The manual is pretty clear, but it would still be helpful to see it actually being done.

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With regard to a maintenance video, the owner’s manual specifically states: “Note: It is highly recommended that you view our maintenance video prior to performing maintenance on your Onefinity CNC.” However, there does not appear to be a maintenance video on the Onefinity YouTube channel. @Mark can you point me to the maintenance video that is referred to in the manual?

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We haven’t released it yet. Hopefully we get time in the next few months.

Hmm ok though it seems a bit weird that the user manual very explicitly tells people that they should watch the video before performing maintenance when there is no video…

We’re a very small team who thought we’d have more time to make videos and not machines after the initial presale. We were very wrong (in a good way for us). It should be coming in the next few months.


Just thought I’d chime in on this subject…
I noticed that Onefinity was using 3 in One oil in their video to maintain the machine…

I’ve been using Pneumatic Tool Oil… (what I use for my mechanic air tools), to “lube” up the screws and rails of the Onefinity…

I have found no ill effects and everything seems to run smoothly… Considering Pneumatic oil is based on mineral oil, and we tend to use a lot of mineral oil on our wood products… well… so far so good!

Just looking for other people’s thoughts on the matter of oils…

There’s a company called Universal that grinds lead screws. They make a grease (KS-46) that’s probably the best lubrication I have ever used for ball screws. I’m not sure where to buy it and I’m sure it’s pricey but it’s worth it. When I get my 1F I’ll call the company and ask about getting a tube.