Maintenance of onefinity

Being a complete newbie I’m trying to get well prepared for September and was wondering about maintenance of the machine.
So please any advice will be appreciated. Thanks


From the very little bit of research I have done. It seems there are basically two types of linear bearing and ball screw systems. Those that are “no maintenance” and others that need some type of ongoing lubrication. No maintenance systems either run dry or have the lubrication encapsulated in the system where it will remain. Other types depend on some sort of oil or grease on the rods and screws to keep them maintained. With the environment they run in with so much sawdust, I would guess they’re dry or at least sealed really well. @onefinitycnc, any idea which type these are?

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I’ll be interested in what @onefinitycnc has to say about this but from past experience :

Often : check bit for sharpness and free of buildup
Check colet for tightness

Every 25 hours or so :
Check z axis for tram

At 100 hours or so : check the router brushes for wear

Most other things are on a when it breaks basis

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Great suggestions by @Markevans36301 - but just to be clear, 25 hours of operation, not simply every 25 hours :wink:

Upon initial setup you want to check for square, ensure the z-axis is perpendicular to the waste board (e.g., tramming), surface the waste board, and check the steps/mm to ensure the machine goes the proper distances when commanded to do so. Not sure if you need to check the current going to the drivers like the Shapeoko and X-Carve - need some input from Onefinity and the electronic manufacturers.

I’d also recommend resurfacing your waste board occasionally; no particular timing - just when it gets fairly beat up.

Sooner or later you will definitely need to put some stickers on the machine and perhaps some googly eyes too :wink:



Yes, exactly, not once a day unless you are running the crap out of it.

Exactly why it didn’t make my timed list. needs to be done but some projects need it done before starting others are very tolerant. Also how quickly you tear up your spoil board is very dependent on how good you are with a set of calipers. When I am being careful I can clear the stock and not have nary a mark in the wasteboard.

Absolutely mandatory, the timing is somewhat flexible though.


@onefinitycnc is there a recommended 3-in-1 oil brand or natural vs synthetic, etc?

I ordered my machine yesterday, and to push @Jase 's question back into the limelight, I’m wondering if folks who have this machine now have any input into this question.

Primarily, I’m wondering about lubrication of the guide rails, the leadscrews and cleaning of both. I’m also wondering if sawdust or metaldust build-up on the lead screws will be a problem? @Hypercube I’m used to using 3-In-1 PTFE lubricant on my 3D printer rails, but I have no idea what’s appropriate for this CNC. Definitely interested in learning about that too!

This is the brand we use in house:

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