Marking spoil board size

ok so I finally have the machine (x50) mounted and squared . I have my monitor and keyboard all set up. Fired it up, homed the machine got the yellow z over. I’m going to get latest firmware update 1.9, I believe and install it using a usb, can’t get wifi working yet. can I go ahead and use the machine manually to scribe the waste board size on my table with the z still showing yellow. also the machine came with a light oil on it . should i clean it off before scribing table or leave it on for lubrication . I’m thinking remove it otherwise dust will stick to it. sorry for the dumb questions. thanks

Hey Butch,

oil has to be on the parts that are described in Onefinity CNC maintenance, which are the ball screws and the chrome-plated hollow shafts, but not as much that it would drop down.

no it’s not enough to be dripping just lightly coated. can I still scribe for the waste board with the z in yellow. thanks

Sure. You can safely ignore all limits warnings as long you have not loaded a g-code program of your own.

Once you will have, and will have probed your workpiece, the limit errors will tell you if your g-code program tries to mill outside the machine’s working space.

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