Onefinity 7W Laser

Anyone got any example projects they have been doing with the 7W laser?

I’ve been searching and there is not much on YouTube yet.

I assume it will cut tool foam (that’s a big job I need to do) but really interested to see what others have had success use if the laser for.

2w here. Had it from my xcarve


I don’t know if tool foam and hobby foam are the same, but this page on the J Tech page shows that it can cut hobby foam.

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This looks promising… Some of the foam in this link looks similar to what I want to use. The 1/2" foam floor mats is one thing I want to try and also the tool foam you can buy which looks like it has 2 different density layers combined… I’ve definitely seen people routing tool foam but I have also seen mixed results. The 1/2 floor mats are my thought at the moment as they are cheap and easy to stack in layers to make different depth of cuts…

If anyone has the 7W laser currently and can try to cut a shape in the Foam Floor mats from the Dollar Store, I’d love to see if it actually works or not!

Just playing around with the laser. My wife bought a basswood round at Michael’s and designed the piece. I dialed in the speed, intensity and step over using some scrap wood. Pretty cool project for about $700!

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$700… Wow… That is amazing. Its all about finding the right customers and making sure your products meet the expectations…

@adamsaciuk Sorry for the confustion. It only cost me $700 to make - cost of the laser itself! And it is for our family, so there was no revenue on the project, just another thing to hang on the wall.

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Ah… So you had a 700$ loss that you need to write off :wink:

I’m pretty sure I can make it up with volume!

Yeah but how many of those do you really need in the same house :slight_smile:

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