Onefinity for HDPE & Kydex

Hello All,

I currently use a Shapeoko 3 (standard size) for making HDPE molds for vacuum forming Kydex, I am drawn to the Onefinity because overall while the Shapeoko 3 has worked fairly well, I have had enough issues (mostly minor, but a few major) to make me want to explore other options. I was just curious if there was anyone else using this machine for purposes similar to my intended use case?

I’ll be doing aluminum, MD-HDPE, ACM Panels, UHMW, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, etc.

I went with this machine for it’s rigidity, work envelope, footprint and ease of use.


I’m discussing a project that will require working with UHMW with a friend tomorrow. The only possible draw back I can envision will be adequately securing it to the work surface.
I can’t see why the 1F can’t be used just like any other CNC save those designed to work in steel or harder matierals.
The only draw back currently might be the use of a Makita vs a properly graded spindle.

Yeah, you clamp or bolt it down. Harder metals require air, coolant and precision spindles to mitigate chip clearing, chip recutting and heat buildup, otherwise they are limited by the axis torque to push through the material. Which in our case, we will bottom out our spindle before then.

@exineport I am looking at it as a replacement for my Shapeoko, I’m very interested in the specs I have seen thus far of the machine versus my current machine.

@pwpacp Currently I use a combination of work holding strategies while working with HDPE, Mitee-Bites and a fence work well for first operations, then I typically mount the block directly to the table using locating dowels and threaded inserts with screws, though I have found just the dowels do a sufficient job for light material removal.


I’m the same here. Mitee Bites, vacuum and custom milled work holding for the stuff I do with my machinist model. In the process of putting together an extruded aluminum base/table for more versatility and repeatability. Will do the same when my Journeyman model shows up in a few months too.

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I bought the Carbide 3D Tiger Claws for exactly that (Plastics):