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it is important to understand that git is not github.

Git is a version control software. It has many advantages in comparison to other versioning systems. I run git since it exists and can only recommend it. It is a free and open source software.

In fact the actual way to use and contribute to a git repository is to first mirror the codebase of the repository on your local computer. This is done by a simple command in your local installation of git. This is because git is designed to be a Distributed Version Control System (as opposed to a server-client service).

GitHub, Inc. is a internet hoster that uses git. It has nothing to do with git except that it uses git to provide its service. You do not need to use for working on a git repository or your fork of one. You can use your local installation of the git software alone to contribute to any git repository.

I do not particularly like, and since it was acquired by microsoft, well…

If you are new to using a version control software, it would be the best to first install git and learn to use it and to understand how it works.

Git Homepage:

Git’s Git Repository:

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