OneFinity & Humidity Controlled Environment

I have a question on how well the Onefinity “Woodworker” will withstand a non HVAC controlled
Shop (workspace). I am located in SE Missouri (MIS-E-RY) and the Humidity is High from May 15
until September 15. Seventy five to ninety five percent humidity is typical for these months, with a max temperature of around 100 degrees being the highest.

Will I have to somehow protect the metal parts to keep rust from forming on the rails and jacking
screws? What have you folks done to protect your CNC from Rust in a non HVAC climate?


Hi larry
I live in the UK and have had the same thoughts (its cold an damp in the winter an cold metal ‘sweats’) hence my two thoughts were

  1. to build an insulated cupboard, using wall insulation between two wooden wall panels - would also help with sound deadening
  2. Use dry ptfe lubricant on all metal parts (mainly for lubrication but also to stop rust) also dust will not stick to it
    Being in the motor trade my concern is more that the rails will rust, pit and damage the seals allowing dust to get into the bearings, hence good prior planning is required. Please note i have yet to receive my machine (early august, so like yourself any other suggestions would be greatly received

I keep a dehumidifier going at all times.

I am in UK as well, Agree with insulated enclosure and dehumidifier, have both, also have 2 90w tubular heaters with thermostat. Will get 1 smaller for controler alone.

Hi Pavel, do you keep the heaters and dehumidifier on all the time, is that necessary in an enclosure?
If that’s what’s required im not looking forward to the electric bill, do you have your machine ( i meant to say above that mine arrives in May), if you have yours can i ask what the import tax was?

To say the truth i have only received mine today( happy days), but been researching for long time. I have plasterboarded my enclosure 2 layers, 2.5mm insulation inside + doublesided reflective aluminium foil. Dehumidifier 180w + 2x90w tubular heaters inside. My garage isn’t well insulated at the moment (still working on it). Import duty 268£ (woodworker, probe, controller). Hope it helps :wink:

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Thanks Pavel, appreciate the information, the import duty is cheaper than my calculation so thats good news, next job while i wait is to build the enclosure i guess, hope all goes well with your machine, every video i have seen suggests that its head and shoulders above the competition, be interesting to know your initial first impressions as a new owner

The humidifier will cycle on and off to keep the moisture level at a constant, so its not sucking juice constantly. Its not only good for the machine, but keeps the wood at a constant moisture level. Your customers will appreciate this.

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It’s great, sturdy, well built. There are things i have encountered. When building enclosure i advise to install more braces, as mine shakes a bit when moving rapidly, had to do stall homing after 20 minutes (children were) jogging. I see potential issue with cables being caught on y axis. Will do first cut on Friday. I have sealed my enclosure and thermometer shows + 14C outside -3. Yes i use dehumidifier on set humidity level, but on bad days i have 4l of water a day!

Alden, good point ref keeping the wood moisture levels down, Pavel mentioned 4l on bad days (thats a lot), it seems i need to look into dehumidifiers and cable management…

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