Any Onefinity users in South Africa

Interested to hear if anyone on this forum is from South Africa and if so, if your Machine parts and bits are rusting as badly as mine are? Also wanting to hear where you are buying your Bits and accessories from locally.

Understandably, we have high levels of humidity here, especially on the East Coast. But I am wanting to know if it is normal for all of my bearings on my machine to be rusting as badly as they are. I have made a waterproof cover for the machine to try and help when not in use.

I have also noticed that my Whiteside 1372 Bowl and Tray bit has rusted badly and I have only been using my machine and bits for about 3 weeks now.

Any advice or suggestions?

Hi @Coastal3D

I’m not sure on the rusting but I’m sure someone will be along to give some good advice.

Regarding users have you had a look at the below post

This might tell you if there are any OF users close to you

Thanks Gary,

Dang, it looks like I might be the only one in Africa running the Onefinity…That ain’t good…

Thank goodness for forums like this I guess!

Kyle, if you are on FB there is a larger following on there also and good people that will give you straight answers. Always someone willing to assist.

How close to the ocean are you? Been awhile while since I lived near salt water, but as I recall, that could be a real issue.

I am using bowling ally wax on equipment and tooling that is not used much for me it does a great job. I am not dealing with salt. Thank you for reaching out.

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Haha…yeah I’m pretty close…Have started making plans to control my workshop environment better


Hi @Coastal3D

Sorry to drop in like this and for asking a non-related question on your post. How did you get your machine into South Africa, if you don’t mind me asking? When I contacted Onefinity, I was advised that they do not ship to SA.

Looking to get hold of the Onefinity Woodworker “X-50”.


Hi Ben, Sorry man, have not been active in a while.

That’s really odd to hear as I didn’t have any issues at all. The import taxes and duties weren’t as bad as I was expecting either - think I payed about R3600 (the rand was very weak at the time as well).

Sorry cant be of more help, @OnefinityCNC maybe you guys could clarify for @bf0109?

Hi Kyle

Thanks for the response. Will check if I can figure something out.

Hi Kyle

Sorry about your rusting issue, I used to live in Amanzimtoti and everything rusts there, best is to oil it once a week or every 2 weeks if you can’t to minimize. Anyways I’ve ordered a journeyman and it’s only due for shipping and arrival in the 3rd week of December. How does DHL contact you to pay the customs fees? I Paid almost R61k for my unit but I too bought a lot of accessories, just want to make sure I’m well prepped, because once I had American pool table imported from overseas and they could not get hold of me for 10 days and I had to pay 10k in storage fines at that time. Definitely don’t want to be caught again, but then again I may have been ripped off as the company was not as reputable as DHL.



Howzit Glen!

So good to hear from another Saffa!
DHL are very much on top of it. They emailed and phone me to make sure I was aware of the import duties, and instructed me when to pay- so you should have nothing to worry about.

Pretty jealous, the journeyman looks amazing, but I’m loving my standard woodworker regardless.

All the best!

Thanks Kyle

Sorry I meant my machine is coming 3rd week of September not December , so it’s getting closer and I can’t wait. Thanks for the info.

One more more thing where you getting your router bits from? That Scanda site in SA looks alright , not sure if you’ve used them? Anyways I hope your machine is working out for you, I had also bought the same machine as yours initially, but just thought incase I need to do full widths of ply then I have it, I think I was a bit frightened by those shipping schedules!

Scanda looks amazing, I haven’t made use of them yet because I found the website UI complicating and frustrating , but I am going to call them and find out if they can help with a list of bits I am looking for. My last order was from Tools Today and was all Amana bits. I love how the Amana bits come with Vectric Tool data info that is very easy and reliable to use. I don’t find the shipping and duties too bad considering the peace of mind. We must chat though because if we both end up ordering supplies from US, we can possibly create orders and share the add on fees?

Howzit Kyle

That sounds amazing only thing is I live in Cape Town now

Hi Coastal3D

I am in the process of looking around for a decent HOME cnc machine, to eventually (hopefully) become a sideline business, so I am seriously looking at this Onefinity Woodworker X-50 machine.

I am based in Johannesburg.
How does shipping costs work with this product?
Is shipping included and, if not, whit was your shipping fees?

I am very impressed with the online reviews and YouTube videos of the machine, but would much rather trust the words of a person who actually have a working machine, in our belove coutry (South Africa).

I look forward to hearing back form you.