Cold weather coming

I live in the Utah mountains and was hoping to only heat my shop when I’m working out there, do you guys think it would be hard on the controller and touch screen to let them get super cold and then turn the heat on on the weekends

I just moved from SW Michigan to Phoenix, so that will no longer be an issue for me. But in MI, I used to run my heater to maintain a shop temp of around 55 deg. to reduce the humidity issue. The issue with high humidity climates is that condensation forms first on non-absorbent surfaces like clean metal, plastic, glass, etc. so it will raise holy hell with any part of the 1F. If heating is not an option, then at least cover it up with a good cover (I used a heavy tarp & made sure it was fully covered). This helped a LOT to keep condensation from forming on the machine.

Machinist, I live in the Phoenix area and cold will not be your challenge. I have a mini-split in my garage/workshop to keep the temps manageable in the hotter months.

Ken, I’m just about to (hopefully) start building my workshop area that will be 8’ x 12’. I was going to look at the mini-split units but didn’t know if those would be overkill for that small of an area. Main challenge is just initially getting it built. I pretty much gave up on any contractors doing it, can’t even get a call back from them.

I haven’t received my Onefinity yet but am wondering if disconnecting the controller and display will cause you to lose any settings?

No, it will not. It will remember them.

Last winter I just unhooked my controller and screen and brought them inside when I wasn’t using it. It was the easiest solution for me back then. Will probably just do the same this year until I get some type of heating in my shop.

Thats what I assumed but better to check. Thanks

Construction is definitely a challenge in the valley. Good luck with the build.

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Thanks @Ken, I’m just about to order the materials & do it myself. Hopefully will be getting a price from someone today that came out & looked at the project.

Bill, have you looked into places that make sheds? 8x12 is a standard size and most can easily be insulated. Around here 8x12 is something they just deliver to you. Might be an option.

@Dr-Al, I actually did look into those, but the options were too limited with my special circumstance. I need it built under an existing carport awning. Looks like I have a light at the end of the tunnel though, as someone finally got back with me and offered to build/paint it (labor only) for $1800 <ouch, a little>. It needs to be built under this carport, with the ceiling of the shed just over 1" clearance to the carport awning. I got it fully designed in 3D with build print, so we should be good to go.

I live in Ottawa and the winters here get cold. I bought an aquarium heater (for lizards) from Amazon and put a styrofoam box on top of my controller and screen and put the heater in the box. The temp was set to 12 C (~55 F) and the box kept the heat in. Even when the garage got to -5 C the box was toasty warm. I use a portable heater to warm the work space around my 1F when I am running it and I had no issues last winter. I will probably figure out a more permanent solution for this winter. Its hard to think about winter when we are in the middle of a heat wave in August. I don’t have the exact model of heater at hand, but will post the amazon link if requested.


Does a torpedo heater sound like a reasonable option? Fire it up before running the machine warm up garage and go at it? I will also most likely unhook controller and screen and take in house. I live in Ohio and we also see cold temps… I do have a natural gas port in my garage but no heater to hook up to it at the moment

I’m in Gatineau, and need to address the winter temps coming, partially insulating my garage ceiling with Durafoam and will get a small heater for when I need to work, love the aquarium heater idea, will try that, otherwise I just bring the components inside….looking for a new place and heated garage is a must…

Does anybody know if this also has to do with the water-cooled spindle’s VFD? A lot to unhook.

Since winter has been brought up… My work space is not heated, detached garage. I do not have a heater. What heater would you all recommend. propane or electric. I know the need for ventilation trust me, it is not an issue :joy: Just looking for opinions. I’m at roughly 800’ sq