Onefinity w/Aspire Post Processor Issue

I’ve got a Woodworker Elite with a Masso G3 controller. You enter your tools into the controller WITH A NUMBER for the tool. I just updated the post processor in Aspire to “Onefinity Elite Masso - inch”. Now there is no place when editing a tool from the tool database to enter a tool number. This makes it extremely difficult to tell the controller what bit you’re using. Does anyone else have this problem? I guess I’ll email Vectric and see if they know anything.

Are you saying you cannot assign a tool number in Aspire?

That is correct. The window for the new post processor has changed completely.

I’ve got a similar problem. The preamble in the pp has eliminated all references to tool #, line # and in part, file type extensions.

I’m going to try to edit the pp and, if successful, I’ll post it here. Wish me luck!

Must be a lot different than Vcarve Pro, I set up tools in Vcarve, never even see the PP.

I’ve modified the PP for Aspire to include line numbers, tool numbers and file extension. I’ve loaded several different files created in Aspire with this PP onto the MASSO. They’ve run without any glitches. If anyone wants, you can give it a try.

Onefinity Masso Inch (.cnc).pp (6.2 KB)

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I’ve run a dozen or more files using the post-processor that is posted here, and everyone has run flawlessly. There definitely it was issue with the one that vectric provided.

I’ve been able to call up go to line number x, the tool numbers show, and the preview in the window shows up just fine.

The machine also starts off with requesting tool number x and pauses the operation until you press the okay button.