Original & Pro Series Drag Chain Install FAQ

In this video we take an Original Series Machine and drag chains to the X rail and left Y1 rail to convert it to a Pro Series.

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I received mine yesterday and worked on the install today. X rail worked out great! However, one thing I noticed is the Y Drag Chain won’t work with the configuration I have going with the motors on the front side (opposite the original orientation, motor in rear). I don’t know if you (Onefinity) thought about those who reverse the rails. Dang!

Do you have a workaround for this? If not, maybe design the Y Drag Chain to function for either orientation.

No, with drag chains, the motors must be in the back.

Would have been nice to know this before purchasing. I’ll have to determine what I can use and what I can modify then.

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I’m missing something here…I’ve watched this video 10 times and I’m still not seeing how you connect the Y axis to the X axis. I see the metal end that looks like it attaches where the connector for the Z2 plug connects, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to mount it!
Of course, there isn’t any documentation of the complete process or an install manual that could have been linked to in a simple note in the box or anything.
Can someone help me out on this? Thank you in advance.

Is This what you are Talking about?


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negative, I was needing to see how everyone connected the drag chain that is at the bottom of your image…the Y rail drag chain.
I’ve figured out a way to make it work, whether it’s the correct way or not…
Thank you, though.

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Oh ok, Well let me know i Can go snap a couple photos if needed of the two ends where it connects

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if you could take a few pics, that would be great…I think I may be missing a part.

Ok so I Got the Photos and I think Image 2 is probably where you are having the difficulties, let me know if this helps:

Yellow: The Path of a Bolt
Red: locations of Fastners
Orange: Piece Number
Blue: Plastic Spacers

In the First image (the left if looking on) Just a plastic bracket bolted to the Mounts and 2 separate hex bolts that hold the track in place

This is the Side I assume your having issues with and its a PITA. Just like side 1 there is a Plastic Bracket but instead of bolting from the outside fastening inside it bolts from inside to allow for the Monitor Mount. This plastic piece should have 1 larger hole on the face unlike the other. Then there are 2 More plastic pieces that clip together inside they hold the wires, but have 3 plastic spacers that go between and either side of the wire connecters to keep them in proper position, put everything together, then use a hex bolt to fasten it to the plastic bracket.

Hopefully that’s enough clarification, if needed i can answer additional questions, but trying to avoid taking that thing apart again unless necessary.

Those pics are great!
The issue I have is that I had to come up with a way to mount the drag chain to the Z1 bracket in your picture.
I would be interested to see how yours connects if you could take a picture kind of lower/looking up at it where the drag chain connects.