Will not home after installing drag chains with longer wires for Z and x

Any suggestions on resolving this issue ?

Maybe fill us in a little more? Does it start the homing procedure at all? How far does it go? What did you do when installing the drag chains?

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Hey Steve,

as Chris already suggested, you give very few info.

Did you buy ready-to-use drag chain stepper cables for Onefinity, or did you make your own stepper cables, and if so, did you take care of Onefinity Wiring diagram, which shows that there has to be a cable cross in the stepper cable?

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I purchased the long z and x cables from route 1 designs and I have got the x and y to home but z is not homing properly and does not work well with joy stick

Like we stated in our support email:
Return to factory wiring so you do not void your warranty and damage your machine permanently