Overhang on y axis

Did I install the qcw or spoilbosrd improperly? Why is 1.5” overhang of the bit on the y axis? Then there is nearly 8” extra on the back end

I was told OF fixed that issue with the production units. You should be able to push your spoil board forward over the front rail to get that 1.5" back. As for the back, simply put, they had to attach it somewhere…you don’t have to have your spoil board go all the way back. In fact, you probably don’t want to so you can surface the entire thing.


Is this how it’s supposed to be? So the back end of the QCW is exposed with 8” of T track showing? It’s not mentioned in the QCW waste board install.I have to agree you don’t want to have a ridge on your waste board…

Is the 8" on the back MDF or t-track? How long did you make your slats?

You have 2 options for making the MDF slats - either they go front to back and cover the entire t-track or they are flush to the front but come up short on the back.

The advantage of the first is that you have a larger surface than the cutting area of the 1F so you have support for oversized pieces. But that also means that surfacing the slats will result in a ledge that separates the front 32 inches from the back 8 or so inches where the router can’t travel.

If you run them short then you don’t have to worry about trying to flatten the back 8" of the slats but you lose the support for longer material. If you did cut short ones, then you may want to flip one over front to back to see if it will fit flush to the front of the tracks & lower round tube support.

I did slightly oversized ones for mine as I was using a 1 1/2" surfacing bit so I could get an extra 3/4" flattened in front of the extreme forward position of the router and I surfaced the rear 9" (in my case) by flipping them and surfacing just the back half and then reinstalling them the correct way.

Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. I discussed the design with Mark and Jen, and the extra distance in the back is designed into the waste board. That does not mean you have to make your waste board that long - you can make it any length. To that end, I would make it a little smaller than the cut area.

Hope that helps.