Packaging tetris

For anyone keeping the packaging, if you played enough Tetris as a kid, it is possible to put all of the foam packaging in to one box, so the other two boxes can break down to reduce storage size.

I had to remove the legs from the foam part that stores the screen and cables, but they will go back together easy enough, if ever needed.


Did anyone else hear the music?


I hear voices, does that count? :wink:

I recently received a X50J (BB), rolling and folding stand and of course the QCW.
Suggestion for 1F … Specifically re-design your boxes such that smaller ones nest inside the larger ones, without being stretched, refolded etc…
As you suggest … keep the packaging in the event anything needs to be returned or upgraded. These boxes are huge and require a large footprint. Even if cut and flattened. It would be nice if they could be designed to fit like Russian dolls.
This would require work and working with the box vendor(although there are people who do this professionally).
You also might find that storing some pre staged nested boxes already nested per unit (ready for packing) would streamline, organize and reduce the packing warehouse space requirements.