People in the UK. Where are you buying your bits?

As the title says.
What cutting tools are you buying and from where?
I work for a University so amazon and eBay aren’t possible due to our anti-slavery regulations. But normal online shops and suppliers can be used.
Thanks in advance

Hi Andrew

I have used Trend UK direct who charge for next day delivery, but I’ve also used Rennie Tool who have their own online shop and are on Amazon, but being a Prime member I use the Amazon store so I don’t have to pay postage.


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Thanks Dave
I’ll check them out.

I have been using Rennie tools. very good. Only downside is, I ask for speeds and feeds when I order , they forget so I phone up. I get put into Jonny. boy does he know his stuff. Superb company. and it is a british based and growing firm. they could do with support from the UK users here.
On the F&S issue. Jonny is drawing up F&S charts for all their products, it is an ongoing progress, but I spoke to him last week, and it is getting there.


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Perhaps they could put a package of cutting tools similar to the ones that the !F and Shapeoko do for new users,

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