UK bit supplier recommendations

Still have a few months wait for my OneFinity! But would like to get a few bits and pieces set before it arrives.
I have watched a few videos on bits/cutters but a lot seem to be american. Now I’m only just starting out so don’t want to go straight down the route of spectra/Astra coated bits at £20 - £30, and I can see a lot of very cheap bits. Could any one let me know of a reputable supplier(s) in the uk and also some mid price bits. I will be starting out with a 1/4 inch router and if goes well may go down the spindle route.

After reading many posts on hear I’m sure I will get a quick and polite answer!

Thanks Gary

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I purchase most of my bits from here, I highly recommend this company
Prices are not the cheapest but the longevity of the bits make them worth paying the extra,

Gary - I don’t have any recommendations for UK distributors but my bits video will be out tomorrow with some budget and non-budget recommendations. Budget bits are from eBay, so I suspect you can still order them. Not sure if you will be able to view the link before the release, but here it is:



I can’t view video just yet will wait until it is released tomorrow
Thanks Tom

Should be live now - hope it helps.