Power requirements for the Elite Journeyman

What is the power requirement for the Elite series? Is it the same as the existing machines at ~21A in total?

I have a 15A outlet currently and it looks like I’ll be adding 2 20A circuits to power everything. I am thinkign about purchasing the 80mm 1.5kW spindle from pwncnc. I don’t want to have 220V running in my basement.

Recommend isolating the control unit from the spindle and dust collection to avoid EMF.


Can you share your amp details per device?

How you arrive at 21

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  • Makita Trim Router - 6.5amps

  • Onefinity touch screen - 3 amps

  • Shop vac - 8 amps

  • Power supply - 3.5 amps

From Onefinity support:


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That helps me plan to prep my space ill be putting the Onefinity.

I plan to keep CNC components separate from router and vacuum. For less EMF risk. Industrial rule of thumb, never run communication or control wire in same conduit as power supply.

Thanks for confirming details.

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I am not sure if the response from Swick provides the information specifically for the Elite. It seems to draw the information from the buildbotics set up.

Does anyone have the answer for this. Ultrafox recommended isolating the control unit from the spindle and dust collection but the Masso Power box seems to have plugs for both.

I cant imagine a single 15amp plug feeding the entire system, but am not sure how the power delivery is set up.


@JB13 I am looking for this information as well. It looks like the Masso controller has outputs for dust collection and router power. Are these pass-throughs with relay controls, or is the controller supplying the power? It would be nice if Onefinity could publish a comprehensive manual soon.

I am setting up my bench and running new circuits while I wait ~14 weeks for my new machine to ship, so I want to know how I need to set this up before it arrives.

Speaking of ~14 weeks, has anybody received any updates on estimated delivery if they ordered an elite series around the black Friday timeframe?

The most recent elite video shows the power block has receptacles for router and vacuum.

Are these all fed from single power cord, I see 2 in video?

If so, I am confused how to use separate power supplies for router and vacuum as recommend.

I have a Pwncnc 115 vac 1.5 spindle coming which I expected to power from a separate source to avoid EMF. Would plugging a dust collection vacuum in to the power block be acceptable?

Excited to see the progress