Powermill Post Processor?

I was wondering if anyone has a Powermill post processor for Onefinity. I run a 5 axis machine with Powermill currently and really like the available toolpathing options + the ability to set up many different “blocks” for hundreds of parts within one single toolpath. I plan to get one of these machines and do a lot of two operation, multi part, 3D cutting. I know I could do it with Powermill, but not sure if any of the hobbyist softwares will achieve what I’m looking for, plus staying in the same ecosystem makes sense.

Never touched Powermill, but for the most part the family tree of Onefinity looks like this:
OF runs a Buildbotics controller, which is a long distant derivative of TinyG, which was an early fork of Grbl, which based it’s gcode processing off of LinuxCNC. So, for basic gcode processing, you can probably use any other post processor that follows any of those paths, if available for Powermill.

In the end, you might need to do some manual tweaks to things like CircularInterpolation, or how M06 (tool change) commands are handled, but most of the gcode paths should be okay.

Again, experiment, and have the hand on the e-stop :wink: