Rhinocam and post processor

I just ordered a onefinity woodworker. I have no experience with cnc milling. I am a rhino user and I’m thinking will try to use rhinocam to create my gcode. My search for rhinocam on this forum came back with zero results. Does anyone here use rhinocam to create tool paths for their onefinity?

I’m just starting to learn rhinocam now and it appears that I will need a post processor file. Is there a post processor file for onefinity or the buildbotics controller?

thanks for any help

I guess no one uses rhinocam with the onefinity. A friend of mine suggested that a Fanuc1 PP may work as it works with many mills. does anyone have any experience with this?

Has anyone used a post processor other then on of the 4 on the buildbotics github which are SolidWorks, Fusion360, qcad and, vetric?


I have not used Rhino Cam, however I have used it’s geometric kernel AgLib. In fact I had the source code for AgLib. Those guys came out of Boeing and were excellent mathematicians… business wise they suffered. I can only assume Rhino is good.

Solidworks break out the check book. ( I am a Ug Nx user/developer … big $ too)

Fusion 360 those guys just blew up their licensing strategy.

I will be playing with carbide create to begin with …it is free and easy to learn but I expect to punch it boundaries quick ( it appears to be a C++ / Qt app)

Which leaves QCad and freeCad.

QCad (another C++/Qt app)

FreeCad (another C++/Python/Qt app)

Now I won’t see my machine till Jan/Feb but after Carbide Create I will probably start looking at FreeCad.

So you went from no replies to a long boring one.


Thanks for the reply Carl. Yes Rhino is great and I’m comfortable working in it. It would be nice to use Rhinocam which runs as a plugin inside of rhino.

Thanks for the recommendation of free cad. It dose look quite good. Do you know if there is a freecad post processor available for onefinity?

As I understand it FreeCad works on the layered approach the G-Code layer is called “Path”…

Here is their wiki: https://wiki.freecadweb.org/Path_Workbench

A little light reading :wink:

I want to be able to do inlay work…path is just now starting a V-Carve so it may be a bit early for them.

Thanks, that looks promising. I just talked to Rhinocam. They said they would create a pp file for onefinity if I upgrade to Annual Maintenance Subscription ($300). But the guy also look at the sample gcode from the buildbotics website. And said it looked like grbl. I’ll have to wait for my onefinity to arrive to give that a try.

To follow up here. If anyone is wondering GRBL works fine.

Hey napffel, long-time Rhino user here (Ver.1). As a design program, it’s been my 3D program of choice.

I was thinking of looking into BobCAD-CAM for Rhino when I get up and going. But I’ll try looking into other programs to help with geode/toolpath creation. I have another 4 months of waiting, so until then… planning out my CNC setup.

Good luck,

I use rhino a tone (model maker/set designer in film industry). The price to get rhinocam was not worth it for me. Especially since fusion360 is free and has tons of learning material online(youtube). I just import them as a step file, fusion is very quick to learn imo coming from rhino.

Hi napffel, I am a medium / advanced CAD CAM user in industrial CNC, I have used xilog master, alpha cam, woodwop and others. I’m interested in the 1F but I prefer to use Rhino and RhinoCAM, but first I want to be sure of the compatibility… did you have success importing the file?
Sorry for the English.

Yeah, the build notice GRBL post processor works fine out of rhino cam with the onefinity.

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What was the verdict on RhinoCAM with the Onefinity? It sounds GRBL will work just fine, however in the drop down in RhinoCAM i don’t see anything for generic GRBL post processor and not sure which option to select. If anyone knows please advise.

Hi pwsusi,

You should see two entries in RhinoCAM’s Current Post Processor dropdown – “GRBL-Inch” and “GRBL-MM”. If they aren’t there, you either need to switch the radio button above the dropdown to ‘Use Legacy Post’ or you may need a software update.

Kind regards

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