Probe Specs Off

I was driving myself nuts with why my full depth cuts would eat the crap out of my spoilboard. I thought for sure I was making some rookie mistakes and missing some concepts on referencing the machine bed for such cuts. I finally decided to pull out my calipers and found that the thickness of my OF probe was off by 1.4mm! I entered the measured value in the OF settings and I am good to go now. I was shocked at the variance in that dimension.


I seem to have a fair amount of repeatability issues with the probe. I even did the calibration program but for some reason now it is back to cutting off dimensions again. At least 1 mm to deep in the Z axis.

Maybe your probe isn’t perfectly flat? Try measuring it in a few different spots.

I will give that a try but I have a hard time thinking @charleyntexas would have it that far off.

You may have already ruled this out, but it’s worth noting that actual material thicknesses can vary, even if coming from the same source. If you are repeating a previously made program but the material is now a bit thinner, it will of course cut further into the spoilboard.

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@Matticustard valid point but I zeroed off the wasteboard. It shouldn’t be cutting that far into the wasteboard if I am zeroing off it.

Silly question, but I wil ask it anyway… Are your calipers accurate? If you go into the settings and just gradually edit the Z probe height, can you back into the dimension that wont cut into your spoilboard?

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