Probing without the magnet on an Elite?

My OneFinity Elite is equipped with a spindle motor that is earth grounded. With my original Journeyman I could probe without the magnet because the spindle was grounded and the probing circuit was satisfied with the earth ground of the spindle.

Is it possible to do some magic and eliminate the magnet for probing on the Masso equipped Elite? BTW, I have tried probing without the magnet (by mistake :sweat_smile:) and discovered it doesn’t work!

EDIT: There is a similar thread on the Masso Forum but with no real answer for totally eliminating the magnet (gnd).

One way it just to use a 3D probe, like this:

I suspect that’s a solution you’re considering though. You could also remove the magnet and wire that lead to the frame. Assuming we’re talking about the same spindle, and not a new one with ceramic bearings, that should work.

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Thanks Adam, my spindle is a Mechatron and it doesn’t have ceramic bearings. So, for example, the magnet attached to a frame bolt of the OneFinity works. That does help eliminate the risk of not attaching the magnet everytime. The better solution might be to cut the magnet off and put a more secure frame connection on that lead.

I am wondering about bonding the OF frame with a G3 ground. This was suggested on the Masso forum but there seems to be some concern about mixing the grounding/bonding between the spindle and the G3 controller.

I have not looked into the 3D probe too much. I have seen it and was reminded of a Heimer 3D-Taster.

I cut the magnet off and replaced it with a connector which is now secured to the frame of the Onefinity.

It works and eliminates the risk of knocking the magnet off the frame. Now I no longer need to worry about fooling with a magnet.


Alan is very correct just make sure the frame is grd and all is good

Hey Alan,

Regarding bonding and grounding the machine chassis, the CNC Controller and the VFD control cabinet, of course all grounds have to be put together. It is recommended to put all grounds together in one point, which usually is the ground of the control cabinet (VFD earth symbol).