QCW Question….?

Just to get a broad consensus from the community…. (Before I send yet another quarry to Onefinity)…

a) Does anyone actually have proof that the QCW exists …. or
b) Is the QCW more like Chupacabra, Bigfoot, and UFOs…. or
c) Are the QCW parts floating out on one of those ships in the Pacific Ocean as we speak?

Don’t get this wrong, it is not about calling out Onefinity about how much we spend on this equipment, how long we have to wait for this equipment, or whether it is worth our time and money. There is no question in my mind that this equipment is fantastic. It is a question about “clarity” from the people we do business with….

I’m just asking, is all……

Yep, many are out there and it seems most are posting to the facebook group.

Like this?

Can you reword your response? I did include the word “clarity” in my quarry… what you responded with was very unclear and a rather simple diversion…


No offense, but come on… really?

Yeah, really. You’re looking for proof that the QCW exists. I pointed you to a posting (and there are others) of someone who has theirs and is modifying the spoil board including pictures. There are YT videos of people setting them up.

If that’s not proof enough, then it seems only having it in your hands will satisfy you so there’s not going to be anything to be gained from this thread.


you’re lost … all good

I can’t verify that it exists as I have been patiently waiting 18 weeks now and no notice of anything happening. looking at the shipping chart I can’t see any of the rolling carts ever been shipped.

I think if you look carefully you will see a few October shipments. Also, it took me a few seconds to do a ‘QCW’ Onefinity Facebook group search and immediately found posts from users who were discussing their newly delivered frames.
Be patient, and perhaps a bit more trusting in the 1F team and available evidence.

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Thanks for the reply. This gives me hope. I received my 1F 3 months ago but have been waiting for the QWB and stand to do the assembly. The process started in Feb so I’ll be happy to see all the pieces in one place. Cheers👍

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Are you saying Randy (@NobleWoodworking ) is a liar? He says he’s gotten his and posted a photo.

But you don’t want to hear that. You didn’t want to hear it 3 weeks ago when Randy posted and you refused to acknowledge it then. Now you’re raking it up again. Mine is due next week per the shipping schedule and since I got my Journeyman on schedule (as it was revised back in Sept), I fully expect to see my QCW right after the holiday as well.

Oh, I did get a notice last week that they were prepping it for shipment and asked a question that I had to clarify so unless they’re playing some kind of absolutely whacked long con (yeah, let’s ship hundreds or thousands of CNC machines and then scam people out of a $500 mounting board) - it’s real.

Of course, I expect you to argue that you’re right, that Randy lied and faked his pictures, Cyberreefguru lied and faked his video, Ben Meyer lied and faked his video, and all sorts of others have lied because it’s all about you and since you haven’t got yours that it’s not real. You’re free to believe that, but it won’t make it true.

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I hear what you are saying but as you would be no doubt aware there are issues at play here that out of the control of the OnefinityCNC team. Things like delayed deliveries from their supply chain due to Covid-19 which they have mentioned on several occasions. You are not the only one here that is being ‘put out’ by these issues. I think Onefinity are doing their best in trying times.

I think bitchin’ about it is not gonna speed things up!

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Hey Gerry,

it does not seem you’re banned, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to post. As for your posts #8630/8 and #8630/9, which at least me weren’t able to understand, they are of dispensable content, why didn’t you simply delete them?

As for your strong belief that the QCW Frame doesn’t exist and that no one has got one, it has been proven multiple times now that you are wrong.

Look: I have been waiting a long time for my machine and my QCW Frame, and I knew before buying that there is severe backorder time and that I’d have to pay in advance. Everyone had the opportunity not to buy.

It’s not that you wouldn’t have known, or am I wrong? If you had a case of emergency needing a CNC next week, you wouldn’t have ordered there, right?

So what is actually your concern? That “they” tell you the truth? Well “they” told you that they’re working on it and what more can they tell you.

If you wrote “them” an E-Mail to orders@onefinitycnc.com to ask when your order will be shipped, didn’t they tell you something? Or didn’t you write them an E-Mail to ask when you will receive your order?

And regarding the special QCW Frame delay, didn’t you receive an E-Mail apologizing the delay and explaining the reasons?

Regarding the Order Info Page, yes, we all agreed (and some were rightly very direct when criticizing) that from the point of view of the entrepreneur, this fake delivery data list is completely dubious. That they irregularly post some estimated shipping dates and then say “you’ll have to add four weeks to everything”, this you may criticize the same way everybody did. It’s uncool and dubious what they did in this respect.

Me I looked at the dates in that page but I had no reason to get nervous. Yes, they do not meet the prospected dates. But you can add a certain amount of time and then you have what you ordered. They never took the money and disappeared. At least not in the last one and a half years. Their 20,000 machines are out there milling something. So what is your concern?

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I made an order mid October and received both the Rollingstand and QCW - Screw in from Bottom, two weeks after purchasing. So I can confirm that they exist.

I was really surprised how fast I received my order, especially that I live in Switzerland and was shipped abroad. I knew there was a backlog, but honestly didnt bother me much as its nearing Christmas and with Covid etc, delays can be expected.
My onefininty arrived weeks before my Makita, shop-vac and other parts, so I found the communication and delivery side from Onefinity excellent. They even changed my controller to work for 230V/50 Hz and sent a Swiss plug and powercable.I cant be happier with their service, been great so far.

Maybe it is an issue with shipping between the States and Canada? Or customs perhaps.