QCW T-track Size

What size is the T-track that comes with the QCW? Thanks.

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I’m just going to reply as this doesn’t seem to be answered yet but take this with a grain of salt as I’m going off of memory here and not real world data. But I read that their first version was for the smaller t bolt sizes (I believe 1/4") and there were enough complaints that they went up to the more ‘standard size’ capable of holding either the 1/4" or the 5/16". Hope this helps!

Thanks. Should be receiving soon so I guess I’ll measure to confirm when I receive. Seems like it would be in the specs somewhere.

Received my QCW. I have both Rockler Mini Hold Down Clamps and Hot Favorable T-Track Hold Down Clamps and unfortunately neither will fit in the T-track. Both are too wide.

Would you be so kind to measure the T-Track width. I was unable to find this on the QWC manual. Is it standard 3/4 inch (.75") exactly? I am working on adjusting the spoilboard I purchased from RedDogWoodCraft but don’t know the exact width of the T-track to align all the holes properly. Thank you for your time in advance.

The total width of the T-track is 5/8". I don’t have a much experience at all with T-tracks so I may be way off base but so far these don’t seem to be exactly standard. Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place for accessories. No one else seems to be having an issue.

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Thank you. When the two pieces of waste boards are butt up together on either side of the T-Track, is the space between them 5/8 or 3/4? 5/8 seems small. Maybe @OnefinityCNC can verify the width of the t-track (space between two waste boards).

The width of the T-track from the outside edge of one side to the outside edge of the other side is 5/8".


If the T-track is not a standard size that is going to be a PITA.
It renders all your other t-track hardware useless. If this is true
and I had known this I doubt I would have ordered it.

If it hasn’t been shipped you can still cancel it. I cancelled mine and was refunded.

Yes, I’m aware of that option and considering it but for now I will keep my order in.

I have a WoodRiver Jig Hardware Kit 149 pieces (from WoodCraft) . I also happen to have a WW QCW, attach from above. The entire kit is comprised only of 1/4" X 20 TPI hardware. There are four different lengths of T-Bolts in the kit; but the length is immaterial to our discussion. All the T-Bolts fit the T-Track slot of the WW QCW.

I do have Rocklers hold down clamps…somewhere…we have recently moved, so I do not know which box they are in. Rocklers website states the clamp has a 5/16" T-bolt. If the clamps show themselves in a timely fashion, then I’ll let you know if they fit.

A big difference between a 1/4-20 and 5/16-18 screws and also 5/16" T-bolt heads are larger. If this all started with trying to use 5/16 hardware in a t-track made for 1/4-20 then I understand why they did not fit.

There is at least one brand of t-track that will accept both sizes but I don’t remember which, I’d have to research it.

Found my Rockler hold down clamps. The 5/16" T-bolt flange is too wide for the QCW T-track.

HOWEVER, the threaded bolt does fit into the groove. The flange is just slightly too wide. The flange is 13.17mm at its widest point, and the width of the lower groove in the T-track is 12.00mm. Therefore, take about 0.7mm (give or take) off of each side and fine adjust a needed.

Two other alternatives:

  1. substitute a 1/4" T-bolt (and washer, knob) into the Rockler clamp
  2. modify a few 5/16" T-bolts to use if/as needed in the QCW T-tracks
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All I did was take the bigger T-Bolt over to my bench grinder, ground off a bit and it fits my track fine…

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Kind of seems like @OnefinityCNC should be offering proper sized T-Bolts/Nuts as an available accessory. As individuals we can’t purchase from McMaster Carr, which is what they linked as the official size.

It’s really weird that they went with a non standard size.

You certainly can buy from McMaster, I do it all the time.
I used to (before retirement) buy thousands of dollars of material, parts, and tooling every month from them for work.

But I also have a personal account for years and buy stuff from them a few times a year. Never had a problem ordering from them for myself.

I tried to place an order and it was cancelled because I am an individual and not a business.