Questions Before Purchase

I’m about to purchase an Elite Journeyman and have a few questions. I am also looking to get a PwnCNC 80mm spindle.

  1. Do I need the stiffy option for the 80mm spindle?
  2. What accessories do I need? I see it comes with drag chains. Do I need extension wires? I already have a touch probe, table, and dust collection from the X50.
  3. How do you guys move the spindle around to set the X,Y cooridnates? I loved the wireless joypad on the original X50, but I see that’s not supported. Is it cumbersome to use the Masso controller to get it set correctly? Are there other options?
  4. Can I load GCode wirelessly like the X50, or do I have to use USB with the Masso?
  5. What am I forgetting?

Thanks for your input!

  1. Not required, but Onefinity recommends. I do not have it… Yet???
  2. Extension wires if you plan on making any modifications to your layout, what so ever… I have them but don’t use them all. I reversed by Y-rails so needed to move some things around…
  3. Using the Masso controller for now, but just got my Masso pendant last night so will be installing today… Not sure how I will like it but will let you know…
  4. You can transfer with Masso Link, but that is about all you can do with it… Masso Link (Software to send files via wifi) (FAQ with Download Links)
  5. A ton, but that is why the board is here… I forget stuff all the time…

Thanks for the reply. I will likely get the stiffy option.

Are the cables provided long enough to go through the drag chain?

How much was the Masso pendant? I will be curious to know how well it works.

I have a X50, so I know I’m missing a lot, but I am also well versed in OneFinity, just not the new Masso controller.

I have the Masso pendent, I have never used a X Box controller so no point of reference but find the MPG or Pendent to be very easy and precise to use along with the touch screen to jog von the main screen.
There is a. lot of info on the Masso pendent and other much less expensive ones on this forum, I want with Masso for ease of install and config.
Hope this helps.

A pendant is very nice to have. It’s worth it to me.

I initially didn’t buy the stiffy, but I did a cut where I could see the spindle rocking, so I purchased the stiffy later.

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Thanks for that info!

My pendant was $146 but after shipping($48) and payment fees, it was right at $200 to Texas…

I picked up an extra Estop Button, since I was paying for shipping anyway…

The wires are fine if you set up just like instructed… I did the upgrade on my X50 and drag-chain already had the wires in place. very easy set up.

If you think you might want it then get it now. 1F has to be the worst company when it comes to shipping times. So if you decide you want the stiffy after the fact you’ll end up waiting a month or two and will pay extra.

Disregard. I see that you have a spindle that should work.