RapidChange ATC

Hey guys, just curious if anybody has heard of, tried or seen the videos for the rapid change ATC. I stumbled across that yesterday pretty cool concept and the guy just launch the product I think last week check it out on the tube just search rapid change Atc it’ll be one of the first vids, product site is rapidchangeatc.com no way affiliated just a pretty cool product and want to know what you guys think about what would actually be involved to get it to run with masso. Going to finish my beer now, cheers

Interesting product - thank you for sharing.

I personally do not like it at all, as I see too many areas that for me are questionable.


I talked to Masso about this, and they would not support the coding to make this work as a true atc. It works but requires a manual push to make the tool change. It speeds the process but the killer for me is having to babysit the carve.
I’m holding for Pwncnc atc setup.

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I thought it might be a joke. $900 for a block holding a few collets and a metal plate acting as a tool setter?

Yeah, that’s got to be a joke.

Hey Bill,

ATC spindles were invented for the purpose. I think the addition of compressed air (what you need for a real ATC spindle) is something many people already have in their workshop and would be less effort than adding this.

One thing to consider is dust and debris, that can easily be around and get inside your ER collet, where it will lead to runout problems (which not only will reduce your milling accuracy but also can damage your spindle bearings). With a real ATC spindle, you have sealing air inside the spindle which prevents dust entering the tool holder taper completely.

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Personally if I’m gonna make the Atc upgrade it’s going to be with pneumatic spindle. This just seemed to be a clever work around… which relies an awful lot on coding manipulation to work but none the less the guy had an idea and made it happen


Absolutely. I am sure it may be the right choice for some, and definitely demonstrates thinking outside the box.

Hey Bill, hey Tom,

wheel was invented multiple times but I think there were major differences in the implementation :slight_smile:

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Exactly. This is a pure software solution as anyone can carve a bunch of holes in a block to make a collet nut holder.

Which is why someone like Masso likely wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole - insane liability when nuts and bits come flying off a 24000 RPM spindle and crashing into FILL IN THE BLANK

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As well, none of their ATC logic would be able to control its operation. Better suited to PC based controllers with greater customization opportunity and perhaps the use of custom macros etc… (If one wanted to even use such a product).

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cool creative idea!

But, I hate to think of the crash if the z-height was wrong or if somehow the spindle spun up to speed while the nut was still engaged in the holder and tore it apart and launched it across the room. I also would be wary of introducing wear and tear on the spindle threads from power-loading the collet nut like that.