Future improvement suggestion: Automatic tool changer

Hi there,

My biggest wish for a future improvement is an automatic tool changer. I know that involves a lot of hardware as well as software changes.

Many thanks

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What kind of price add on are you willing to pay for this improvement?

Definitely would be a nice add-on but there would go the competitive market pricing, I suspect. If I had the cash to throw at the issue, there is a very reasonably priced aftermarket solution for the hardware side of things.

As far as software goes, @TMToronto graced the forums with a series of build updates centered on bestowing upon his Onefinity atc capabilities using an aftermarket controller (and a literal ton of custom upgrades to the entire system). I would probably classify the entire series as being “not for the faint-of-heart” but definitely for anyone who’s thoroughly inclined to repeatedly beat their Onefinity warranty into the ground with Thor’s hammer.

Again, though, I’d suspect that this becoming an actual feature would be decided by how much someone’s willing to pay for the engineering / materials on top of the current pricing. And, again, there goes the competitive market edge.

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I would be happy to pay up to $2500 for this upgrade. I know that it would involve the use of a different spindle, which would probably also have the added benefit of reducing noise.
I am aware that I can build my own tool changer, but I just do not have so much spare time.
The tool change could be an optional upgrade, in which case it would not affect competitive market pricing. I would rather make the machine more attractive to professional users.


Thanks for your input Tom.

I think I would actually be prepared to pay much more that that for a ATC.

Maybe up to $4000.

I really hope to see the optional upgrade in the future.

If there is any 3rd party solution to an ATC that does not require me to put in 100 hours of my to install it please let me know.

Many thanks.

Hey Tom / Gerd,

regarding a ready-to-use ATC spindle system, you might be interested in this:

It describes the unboxing of Mechatron ATC-8022-42-HSK25 2.2 kW 42,000 rpm water-cooled spindle…

However you may want to use another CNC Controller on your Onefinity.

The topic retrofitting an ATC system is discussed here from time to time, e.g.

Welcome to the forum!

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You name it! It’s that or another CNC.

We got at least one step closer with the Masso controller.

I am still hoping for Thanksgiving 2023!

Please Onefinity make this happen!