Reading preloaded files after upgrade

I recently upgraded to 1.3 and so far have not had any issues with it’s function. One question though, I used to have an issue where, on startup, the BB controller would constantly try to load a file that was preloaded but it always selected a large file instead of smaller ones. Depending on how big the file was, it could take a long time (up to a minute) before it was done, then I had to load the file I actually wanted to run, which takes more time. Not insurmountable, but annoying. Someone suggested creating a file with a super easy, simple design and name it “11” so that it would float to the top of the list and try to load that each time. Well that worked like a charm!
Unfortunately, after the update it doesn’t do that anymore. Now it tries to load either the last thing I ran or something else on the list. For instance, other than the “11” file I also had my logo presaved on the list so that I could burn it on something without having to load it each time. It is called “70% logo”. It’s a bigger file and takes 30 secs or so to load each time. Now the BB controller will pick that or basically anything but the simple file I created for just that purpose.

So, that was a very long way of asking…how do I get it to choose that easy “11” file as the default at startup rather than bigger files without deleting clearing the cache each time?

You don’t. It should be auto loading the last used file.

So Onefinity Support is indicating that auto loading the last used file is the only behavior possible. ( Please correct me if I am wrong ).

So we will have to get into the habit of loading the small file before shutting down - without running the small file, just load it.

So I’m reluctant to upgrade to 1.3 I’m still on 1.09. Waiting to see how stable it is