Controller software rebooting

I’m finding myself needing to reboot the controller constantly Is it normal to need to reboot every time you:
Stop a cut
Load a file
Need to re-home

Hey Snacky,

no, this is not normal. I would write an E-Mail to and report the issue.

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What version of software are you using? I’m using 1.0.9 and will resist any upgrade until I’m convinced the bugs are worked out and it’s as stable and reliable as 1.0.9. Knock on wood, I’ve never needed to reboot. If I’ve paused or stopped a running program, there was a reason, such as, needing to adjust feed, cutting air, etc. If that happened, I delete the file, go back to the computer, re-work, load, and cut again. Can’t complain one bit about 1.0.9. My X-50 came loaded with this, if you have a newer machine with a newer version of software, or a new machine, I would suggest rolling back to 1.0.9, but depending on the circumstances consult 1F before doing so, and the appropriate procedure. I’m looking forward to V2.0 once I’m convinced it’s a stable workhorse like 1.0.9 will then update. I would end saying, “No, you shouldn’t constantly have to deal with your stated issues”, and most likely due to newer firmware versions. Read the Forum and you’ll see not much good has come from newer firmware versions other than headaches and ruined projects.


My x-50 came preloaded with 1.2.1. Thanks for the tip!